A garage door replacement can be costly, but if your door is old then it may be time. Learn how to tell when repairing your garage door is no longer an option.

A modern garage door may last as long as 30 years, however throughout those years, replacement hardware may have been required and neglected to be replaced due to many of our dismissive, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” lifestyle. This can affect the garage door functionality and stability. If the thought has crossed your mind of whether it is time to replace the garage door or not, you should have it inspected.

Your homes garage door is a gateway to the outside world, as you know allowing many family members and visitors to enter and exit your home freely while keeping potential intruders out. Year after year you probably noticed unpleasant noise and maybe even violent shaking as a result of not contacting a professional for maintenance. Take a few minutes to survey the outside of the garage door, looking for cracks, holes, wood rot and gaps. These issues may allow weather and pests to enter in. If you spot any of these issues, call John Door Garage Door Repair for a free estimate.

Did you know?

A replacement garage door can cost as little as $300.00 dollars and as high as $4,000.00 dollars, offering a grand entrance to your home, providing much needed curb appeal. 

Now is the time, John Door Garage Door Repair technicians are available around the clock fitting into your schedule as you need. A thorough inspection can be performed checking for fatigued or broken hardware and tracks, structural weaknesses and properly working safety requirements. We will assist you in determining if now is the best time to replace your garage door or if its more cost effective to repair your garage door. Contact us to get a free complete checkup.

Below is a list of some common problems which make us question is it worth fixing. 

  • Rot
  • Broken springs
  • Worn out rollers
  • Uneven seal on the floor and/or sides
  • Cracked metal panels and hinges
  • Overall ugly appearance
  • Paint chipping and fading  requiring more painting and maintenance
  • Little to no insulation for energy efficiency

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