There comes a time during homeownership when you’ll have to replace your garage door. Not only can it cause damage to your vehicle if left unchecked, but it could result in injury to you or a family member, as well.

In fact, there are approximately 30,000 injuries each year as a result of garage door malfunction.

Furthermore, you should avoid trying to fix it yourself, as you drastically increase your chances of injury by foregoing the help of a trained professional.

It’s not always completely obvious that it’s time for a garage door replacement. Not sure what to look for? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at what you need to keep an eye on.


Open/Close Speed

One of the most obvious signs that you’re going to need to replace your garage door is when its speed begins to decrease while in use. While garage doors are never supposed to be moving at a blistering speed, a door that takes 30 seconds to open or close definitely has something wrong with it.

A delay between the time the button is pressed and when the door begins to move is the result of an electrical issue. While inconvenient, it’s not imperative to fix right away.

Slow mechanical movement, however, is likely the result of a track or cable system issue. Without swift attention, you run the risk of the garage door crashing down while opening or closing.


Excessive Noise

No garage door is silent. But, this doesn’t mean that the sound of screeching or metal scraping is a normal occurrence.

The sound could simply be a lack of bearing lubrication, something that is easily fixable. But, it’s often difficult to tell what’s causing the racket without a second opinion.

Thus, you should make an effort to contact a professional when you hear that something’s wrong.



Since garage doors are fixed to tracks, they’re supposed to move fluidly in the same direction every time you open or close it.

Shaking indicates that there’s an issue with one of the door’s components, such as the belt, rollers, or the tracks themselves. Despite not seeming like an issue that requires immediate attention, a shaky garage door can quickly turn into one that malfunctions or breaks entirely.

Get in touch with a garage door professional as soon as you notice this problem.


Worn Cords

This sign is one of the most important due to the fact that it’s not as obvious as the others. And, it’s one of the most dangerous scenarios.

As cords begin to lose their integrity, the door becomes less reliable when in use. You may notice that one side sags while opening or closing, signifying weak/worn cables.

As previously mentioned, this sign poses an immediate threat to vehicles, people, and pets that enter and exit through the doorway.


Knowing When You Need a Garage Door Replacement Can Seem Confusing

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above information in mind, you’ll be sure to get a quality garage door replacement before any serious issues arise.

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