If you are feeling ambitious as a homeowner, there are a few steps you can take to prevent undesired repair costs to fix your garage door.

Step 1

First, place the garage door in the down position.

Step 2

Lubricate all of the garage door hinges with silicone spray, including down the middle of the door. (The lubricants listed are what the garage door technicians at John Door LLC have found to be the best solution for noisy garage doors, regardless of what you may have heard in the past.)

Step 3

Open, then cycle the garage door a few times. If the garage door has quieted down, move on the checking the garage door balance. Otherwise, lubricate all of the rollers/wheels with a penetrating oil, like WD-40. (Note: If they are nylon DO NOT lubricate.) For more assistance contact John Door LLC.

Step 4

Place the garage door in the down position and release the door from the opener by pulling downward gently on the red emergency release rope. That will disconnect the door from the opener allowing you to physically lift the garage door.

Step 5

Lift the door to its open position. Does the door stay if you release pressure? If yes, lower the door to the midway point. Does the door stay in place if you let go again? If yes, your door is well balanced. Now you can reconnect the garage door to the opener. If the answer to either of these questions was no, STOP using the garage door and Contact John Door LLC to schedule an appointment for a garage door adjustment or a possible spring replacement.

Step 6

Now, check the safety reverse. If the garage door opener has safety eyes, located by the floor on either side of the door track, you can check to see if they work by placing an object in front of them. Does the door close if you press the button? If not – Perfect! If the door closes all the way with the object in front of the safety eyes, STOP using the door and contact John Door LLC.

Step 7

Now, place a board, approximately 2” x 4” x 2′, on its side in the opening of the doorway, where the bottom seal sits. Then, push the button to close the door. The garage door should touch the board, once it is about to close and reverse back to the open position. If the door fails to do so, STOP using the garage door and opener and call a trained professional at John Door LLC to fix your garage door opener.

These instructions may be more that some would like to attempt, if so, please contact John Door LLC at 484-553-6425 and we will be happy to assist you.