When your garage door does not open, chances are that you have a broken garage door spring or cable. John Door LLC stocks many different strength, high cycle, overhead door springs to keep your garage door balanced and operating properly. A weak or broken spring can cause damage to the garage door opener’s motor, resulting in a broken garage door opener on top of the already broken garage door spring repair, causing an even larger repair cost.

Garage door cables are a must have. If you notice any frayed cables you must act fast. Stop using the door before the garage door breaks leaving you stuck inside or locked out of your home. If you think you may need a garage door repair, contact John Door LLC for Lehigh Valley garage door repair costs. One of their expert technicians will help you over the phone.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement Cost Estimate

1 – Large, two car, insulated garage door springs Estimated $440.00 total
1 – Small or medium, one car garage door spring Estimated $325.00 total
1 – Large, two car, non insulated garage door spring Estimated $325.00 total

Garage Door Extension Spring Replacement Cost Estimate

1 – Small or medium, one car, steel garage door springs Estimated $135.00 total
1 – Medium or large, two car steel or wooden garage door springs Estimated $199.00 total

All John Door LLC provided and installed garage door springs include 5 year warranty

Garage door springs allow the door to go up and down with ease, this is called a cycle. Garage door torsion springs are rated by the cycle revolutions. For instance, a spring that has broken after 10 years is usually a 10,000 cycle or higher. The fewer cycles, the shorter the spring life. John Door LLC provides and installs only high cycle torsion springs.

The more you raise and lower the garage door, the sooner you will encounter a broken spring. A broken garage door spring can be easily diagnosed. Above the garage door you will see a large, black coil (torsion spring) with a separation or you may have extension springs, which are mounted along each side of the door tracks, attached to pulleys and cables, one of those springs will be hanging lower and the other stretched out. Usually the garage door will not open using an electric garage door opener.

Garage door spring repair costs vary depending on the size of the garage door, the larger the door, the higher the cost. John Door LLC stocks a wide variety of springs on their service trucks and almost all spring repairs can be done the same service day, within an hour’s time.

After your garage door spring or springs have been repaired you can expect your garage door system to be functioning as it did before the break. It is highly recommended that all springs on the broken garage door be replaced at the time of service to avoid future problems caused by an unbalanced door and/or one weak and one new spring.

Same Day Service

Same Day Service – Repairs made in hours not days.